Water Jet cutting uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water to carry an abrasive grit. The abrasive does the cutting through a mechanical sawing action, leaving a smooth, precision cut surface. Waterjet is the most versatile process, because it is able to cut almost any type of material. Limitations include materials that are highly brittle, such as tempered glass and some ceramics.

ESAB offers the patented combination of waterjet and plasma on the same machine. This option allows you to take advantage of the accuracy of water jet where you need precision, and also benefit from the speed and low cost of plasma where high precision isn’t necessary. The effect is to produce the parts you need for substantially lower cost, in substantially less time. 












The Hydrocut LR gantry waterjet machine can be equipped with up to 4 waterjet heads, multiple plasma or other process tools. Cutting widths from 8 to 20 feet and almost unlimited length.



The gantry features all welded, stress relieved, reinforced components with all contact surfaces machined to ensure accurate matchup with mating surfaces. Machined wheels and roller bearings provide smooth, precise machine motion. The thick wall box beam provided ample strength and stiffness to support the process stations over a maximum of 20 ft. width. An independent reinforced deck supports all auxiliary equipment without placing any additional torsional forces on the main beam.

The Hydrocut LR is equipped with ESAB’s Vision® T5 touch-screen Computer Numerical Control for the most advanced waterjet optimized motion control in the industry. Integrated process control database makes process setup quick and easy. 

The main rail system is a floor mounted assembly with machined “T” rails mounted on fully adjustable cast steel pads, and protected by bellows covers (not shown). This allows almost unlimited cutting lengths. The “T” rails are machined on three sides and are tongue-and-groove on the ends to interlock at joints, thereby eliminating sideways movement. Adjustments are provided on the mounting pads to facilitate leveling and alignment. Drive racks are mounted directly to the machined surface of the rail, ensuring proper alignment.

The beam, ways, and drive rack are all protected by way covers, and all process stations use a fully enclosed high-speed vertical lifter. Smooth, accurate motion is provided by digital AC drive amplifiers, AC brushless motors and precision planetary gear boxes. The system is geared for the waterjet process, providing travel speeds from 0.1 to 750 ipm (2.54 - 19,050 mm/min).


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